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    Thanks to Erasmo Cortez

    My son just had my first grandchildthis December. Our home is over 4 over hours away from them, and I really wanted to be closer to them so I could help with the baby and everything. My husband and I decided to buy a condo in their town, so that when we come to visit, we will have a place to stay. The last thing I would want to do is be in the way of the family unit over there. I think having our own place will be the best scenario. That way, we can go over during the day and help with the baby, and the house, and then at night, go back to our own place and let them have their privacy. I’m getting things set up over there, slowly but surely. Today, I’ve been researching on I think I’ve got that all figured out now. I also contact an exterminator to do the termite inspection and regular treatments. It was a day of accomplishment from beginning to end.

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    Losing weight

    Posted by Arden Wallace

    I have got to lose weight before we go on our cruise next month. I want to feel good in my bathing suit and fit into my shorts from last summer. I’ve gained 10 pounds since last summer, and I don’t want to have to go out and buy new clothes. Tonight while I watched cincinnati direct tv I got up during every commercial and ran in place until the show came back on. My boyfriend was laughing at me, but I don’t care! He walked in the bathroom a little while ago while I was brushing my teeth and doing lunges in the mirror and laughed again. He loves me the way I am, and doesn’t think I need to lose any weight. That man has the metabolism of a kid. He can eat anything, sit on his butt all day watching tv, and not gain a pound. Me? I simply look at a piece of cake and my butt grows an inch. It is not fair at all and it’s so hard to live with him!

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    Unsolicited Advice

    Guest post by Jewel Cole

    I don’t know what the difference between home security in New York and home security california would be, but my new neighbors and friends in California are acting like I need to make my house protected like Fort Knox. I know I just moved here, and don’t know the area too well, but I didn’t plan on getting a home alarm system. Now they are making me feel like I really need one out here. Just because I lived in a small town in upstate New York, it doesn’t mean I don’t know what it takes to live in a big city. I am 35 years old and I think I know what it takes to protect myself, and my home. It’s not like I left the nest yesterday and need everyone to chime in with advice. People would never talk to a 35 year old single man the way they talk to me. It’s so condescending at times. I honestly feel like telling everyone to shut up, but I know that they mean well. I just keep my mouth closed and smile, and then turn around and live my life however I like.

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    The Weather Channel

    Guest post from: Joe Castro

    The Weather Channel is one of my favorite channels to watch these days. The weather has been really unpredictable lately in my area. Some days it is freezing and windy and then the next few days will be sunny and warm. Most days are foggy in the morning and then clear in the afternoon. It is all over the place which is why I like to check out The Weather Channel in the mornings when I am getting ready. They have the Local on the Eights which tells about what the weather will be doing in my local area. This is really helpful in the mornings when trying to figure out what to wear especially in the spring and fall when the weather is all over the place. It is really hard to decide what to wear every morning but not if you have the Weather Channel on. You should go to dish vs directv to check out your satellite television options and make sure you have access to The Weather Channel right now! Once you get in the habit of checking this channel in the morning you won’t be able to live without it.

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    Easier Online

    Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

    Years ago when I first went to college, registering for classes required at least a day on the telephone. First there would be the numerous attempts to get through beginning at your specific time to call. Usually after an hour of busy signals you could get through to the automatedsystem. Then there were the numerous attempts to register for the classes and specific sections you wanted. The later you got through, the more classes were full and the more attempts you had to make to find open classes. Imagine my surprise when I decided to go back to school and found out that registration now takes place online. Thanks to my all I have to do is log on to my college’s website and enter the classes and sections I want to take. Not to mention the ease of applying, paying and making any changes. All of the forms are not only online but you can complete them and submit them without having to print them out. Now if the classes could just be this much easier!

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    Installing Widgets at WordPress

    The advantage of WordPress (WP) over other platforms is the ability to install a widget. I’ve never thought that maintaining a website is easy thanks to widgets. If you have the WP version 2.0 or later, you don’t need to install a Widget plugin. It’s already part of the WP core. Widgets are usually those things in the sidebar of every website, headers, and footers. This is a great way to use especially if you don’t know any HTML at all. I may know a couple of HTML codes but now that technology has improved, I only need to do a 3-step process to maintain my site.

    The 3-step process in installing a widget includes the following:

    -          Drag and Drop. Available widgets are found at the “Widgets” column. All you have to do is drag the chosen widget and drop it at the sidebar or any location you prefer to put it.

    -          Configure. The widget can be configured in any settings that you want

    -          Save. And of course, don’t forget to save!

    Using WP as my website’s platform has really made my life easier. I’m sure if I use a web hosting that also offers services mainly to WP blogs or websites, it would also be an advantage for me. That’s why I’m checking out WP Engine Review since it helps me decide in getting them or not. They are now hosting around 3,000 websites.   Yes, they are getting bigger everyday and looks like these 3,000 subscribers are really happy with their services.

    Peachy is a blogger and freelance writer who currently works for . She writes articles about blogging, WordPress and web Hosting.  

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    Study Shows Mobile Phones Can Help Disaster Relief

    A recent study has shown that mobile phones can be of great assistance in targeting areas where humanitarian aid can be put to the most use following a national disaster. It is in such times that the best mobile phones and smart phones can be most useful to mankind generally.

    It is accepted that mobile phones and smart phones are a great social tool as mobile access to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter has proven. They have even proved to be useful in times of civic uprisings in the Middle East and, unfortunately, used to great success in assisting rioters to organize hit and run raids in Britain recently by allowing the utmost damage to be done by rioters keeping one step in front of authorities. But it is in the area of targeting where to deliver the most effective aid following natural disasters that the best mobile phone applications can be experienced.

    Mobile Phones Help Aid Workers

    The report of mobile phone usage in disaster areas focused on its benefits in targeting where emergency aid could be most usefully applied. It highlighted how scientists mapped the different movements of population in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake. This data became immediately available to them after accessing information from more than two million mobile phones used by the Haitian people who found themselves homeless and displaced. As a result humanitarian aid distribution was immediately channeled where it was most needed.

    Phone Data Used to Map Areas of Need

    Swedish researchers from the Karolinska Institute working with the Columbia University in the US requested Digicel, Haiti’s largest mobile phone network, to release anonymous information regarding data usage from phone towers following the earthquake. This information was required so that the location of people could be pinpointed more precisely after an estimated 600,000 people fled the destruction of the city of Port au Prince. This information was then used to map where most people were seeking shelter. Much needed supplies were then sent to them.

    Cholera Outbreak Restricted

    Later that same year, when a cholera outbreak occurred, researchers were once again able to respond quickly by using the same method that was successful following the earthquake. Dr Linus Bengtsson of the Swedish institute reported that within 12 hours they were able to isolate areas of the outbreak by using mobile phone data therefore preventing the outbreak spreading. He said the model they used could be repeated anywhere in the world as 86 percent of the world’s population now have mobile phone coverage.

    Kelly writes about mobile phone technology for Mobile Phone Finder, providing you with the best mobile phone comparison services online.

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    Internet at home

    The Author of this post is Solomon Dejesus

    My parents don’t really understand the internet at all and when I got them www.SATELLITESTARINTERNET.comlast year it took a while to get them on board. My mom was terrified she was going to break the laptop and my dad couldn’t figure out how to turn the thing off for the longest time…teaching them how to use it definitely tested my patience! Anyway, now that they’re online they’re using the web all the time to email family and get on Facebook to look at pictures of my sister’s new kids. They’re hilarious since they don’t really understand the lingo…they get confused by everything from the Forward button to a smiley face! Anyway, I’m glad they’re now in the 20th century and they can keep in touch with us another way than using the phone since they can’t hear all that well. They were really resistant at first but now that they’re online I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get them off! They’re kind of crazy like that when it comes down to it.

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